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Brand for PP Communication Marketing and Events

Logo design and stationery for client PP Comunicação Marketing e Eventos (2021)

Saúde com Elas Band - State Government Campaign 

Brand created for the Saúde com Elas Women's Month campaign for the Secretary of Health of the Government of the State of Bahia (2019) @saudegovba

Commemorative Stamp Mark - Salvador 467 years

Brand created for the commemorative stamp of Salvador's 467th anniversary for the Bahia State Government's Communication Department (2016) @govba

March Woman Stamp Mark

Brand created for a commemorative stamp in honor of women's month for the Secretary of Communication of the State Government of Bahia (2016) @govba

Brand for November Blue Campaign | Juspodivm

Brand created for posts on the networks of Editora Juspodivm in celebration of Blue November - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (2017) @editorajuspodivm

Portuguese Brand for Contests | Juspodivm

Brand created for posts about Portuguese for Contests for Editora Juspodivm (2017) @editorajuspodivm